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my studio is almost ready for me to be able to move my art tools and supplies in it.
as far as working there, i could shoot some small object already...
to do more stuff, i need a big table (wes is going to build me one),
take the chairs out. i'm replacing them with some cool movable retro furniture.
there is still a lot to be done ..but it's cool for now

parts of the inside my studio

retro studio


etsy shop


i'm going to have another blog on blogger...i think i like it much better and it allows more options that LJ.
and i feel i a little too old for LJ too. i think blogger has a more adult audience and more artists
that finished college a loooooong time ago..
i'm not going to delete LJ, i 'll be here for the communities and polaroidart and a few people that i like..
but speaking of people i like here is a link to the my new blog
come say hello, and i suggest you get one too, it's pretty nice.

forever summer

moving to a new blog

it's been raining almost non' s wet and cold outside, nasty.
it stopped yesterday for the first part of the day, so we went and played some tennis..
it was hard, but the sun felt so good...but it didn't last long.

so i've been inside for the most part of the weekend, tweaking on my computer,
working on my site a little, and i figured out how to "html" a blog on my own site.

i'll be "moving" there, and i'll be posting new photos and stuff  that  are not on flickr
or on any other blog ( i only have LJ for a blog anyway),
other words, all the new material you'll  be able to see only on my website's blog .
to leave comments you'll just have to type some letters, so the computer
knows it's not spam, very easy.
i made one post there, check it out, my friends,
hope you'll be be visiting me there often.

new blog

rain, snow,'s freezing!

i am so so body feels like it's been hit by a truck.
i have to survive tomorrow. and when i say "survive", i mean
literally survive the freezing ice cold air, dealing with the
countless equipment and parts, people moving shit in and out
of the rain all day long..and basically a constant stress.
i keep repeating to myself  "at least you don't have to commute"..
but..i don't know.....

the weather is terrible right now, but it's actually normal
for souther california to have rain, snow and cold at this time a year,
esp. in february..i remember this from years ago.
we just didn't have the rain lately... i want the sun back!

my cat likes to run outside in the that normal for a cat?!
she's weird, but so lovable!

still working on my book, just a little at the time..
not enough energy.

also i wish i had no clutter at work OR at home..
just a bed and a window...

i wish there was no clutter


back to more late nights

etsy shop

it was such a nice weekend, it was warm, sunny, even hot in studio city.
i drove to the city, visited with my friend nina, it was nice..
worked on the book a little..i changed my mind about the pages background..again!
so i have to redo a lot of pages...more delays.
made a few tiny changes on my website, bluecitrusart
i'm still going to redesign the whole thing, it's just for now.

i can't wait till my 3 months "probation" at work is over..
at least i'll be able to plan something after that happens

palm springs

not enough time...


etsy shop

i so love weekends..i can stay up late, sleep in late, watch TV,
drink coffee..slowly ..for 3 hours straight!but it's so short, it's criminal..
plus there is aways something you got to do or go somewhere..
in my case i have to work on my book, i have a class, i have to
work on my website, etsy shop,visit my mom occasionally (45 min. from my house),
visit my friend nina,do things around the house..and it just goes on and on and on!
i was so happy when i had some time and energy to create something..
not lately . there is just simply NOT enough time for anything at all..

i sold some prints in my  etsy shop, that feels pretty good!
etsy is fun, i love it, and people are so so talented there.
(i just hope it stays that way, non commercial)..
pretty addicting too.
so far i got a gocco printer (haven't tried it yet but dying too, hopefully soon),
i got this wonderful valentine card with fantastic graphics from missnefarious86  ,
4 customized stamps (logo, very cool citrus graphic that i made, etc.),
traded one of my pictures for  this awesome t-shirt
also i like this bag  

these are some of the pictures that i sold or listed

eat-framedlake - natural framehigh power-natural frame

just an illusion****waiting for something good

those frames come free with a print